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Malaysia is one of the best countries to live in the world. Known for its friendliness, we as a group of Malaysians at The Ohio State University, strive to promote our cultural diversity through the organization and to unite Malaysians on campus. Please join this group if you're a Malaysian at OSU or are interested to learn more about the colors of Malaysia. Thank you for your support. Hope to see you in our upcoming activities! MALAYSIA BOLEH!

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Our new team for the Malaysian Cultural Night 2016!

Hey ya’ll! So we recently held our election for the MASA Night committee and huzzah! Our set of awesome people has been formed! They are: Organizing Chairperson: Afifah Ayub Vice-Organizing Chairperson(s): Daxter Chuah and Syaza Leyna Secretary: Afiqah Nazurah Treasurer: Farez Shah Azman Food Manager: Imad Duddin Logistics/Stage and Props: Najmi Kamarudin Marketing: Najwa Nabila Definitely can’t wait to see what this team will […]

11 Oct, 2015 Awesome

Recap of Junior Reception and Merdeka Raya Celebration

Hello fellow MASA members! As you may have read from the title, this is a little blog-post recap of our welcoming event that happened about two weeks ago. And, wow, what are the odds for rain to pour down right at the beginning of the Merdeka Raya event as well ending right after we salvaged […]

18 Sep, 2015 Awesome

Merdeka Cup 2014 Write Up

Merdeka Cup 2014 has finally come to an end. Congratulations to our champions: Lavyne Liew and Imaduddin Ibrahim (Picture credit to Ooi Kok Hin) for winning Public Speaking and Pidato category respectively. For the other buckeye representatives, thank you for giving such a good fight through out the competition. You guys are still the winner in our hearts. The […]

2 Dec, 2014 Awesome