Recap of Junior Reception and Merdeka Raya Celebration

Hello fellow MASA members! As you may have read from the title, this is a little blog-post recap of our welcoming event that happened about two weeks ago.

And, wow, what are the odds for rain to pour down right at the beginning of the Merdeka Raya event as well ending right after we salvaged the food (and ourselves) to Thompson Library? Of course, I just wanted to point out that irony and will definitely elaborate more on that event right after I talk a bit about our Junior Welcoming Reception.

So first and foremost, welcome to all new Fall 2015 students! We are definitely looking forward to having you around in every event we put out this New Year. To all newcomers who participated in the Junior Welcoming Reception, we thank you for providing your liveliness and creativity in each of the stations of the amazing race and we hope you had a lot of fun too!

My mind is not as fresh to remember most stations but for the last station, all of you had a treat of playing EXTREME water pong. I chose the word extreme because some who thought they had the first hand in the race became one of the last ones to finish the game because we made it just that difficult. But regardless, there was a lot of display of team spirit and hopefully you guys developed a newfound Ohio State spirit to add to that too after forming the sign O-H-I-O at the last station.

Onto the welcoming event, I mentioned earlier about the unfortunate downpour but fortunately most of our attending members have good senses of humor. They were able to bypass it and still enjoyed the delicious lauk-pauk that was mixed with rainwater and enjoyed moments with one another after the rain stopped. But the most unfortunate thing to happen is that we had to crop off the entertainment portion of the event due to the venue change. I’m sure everyone would have loved to hear The Maynard Avenue boys rock some jams out once again but that would have to wait until the next MASA event (so stay tuned!).

That probably sums everything up. More updates will come soon regarding events for the semester! (Hint: you better prepare your stamina and get those Nike shoes out, girlfriend)

I now part thee with an Ode to Malaysia, courtesy of Naqiuddin Khafiz and Ahmad Naqib Ahmad Khairi:

Aku rakyat Malaysia, negara berbilang bangsa

Aku bebas merdeka, bebas berdiri, bebas berlari

Merdeka, merdeka, merdeka


Duhai merdeka,

58 tahun lalu

Kita masih memecah batu

Peluh keringat direnjis

Arahan kolonial British

Namun kini kita senang

Nak bina bangunan suruh sahaja orang

Bila negara sendiri dikehi

Senang sahaja salahkan menteri


Duhai Malaysia

Kau ajarkan aku derita

Kau ajarkan aku bahagia

Kau tunjukkan aku derita

Kau tunjukkan aku bahagia


We dream of a united Malaysia

Respecting each other

Accepting whatever that differ

We dream of a well governed Malaysia

Strong, righteous, brave leaders

Wisely overcoming various plights

Without knife, gun, and bomb fights


If Malaysians are standing together

Our beautiful country will certainly become better